KSI provides local transport of packaged goods (hazardous and non-hazardous),  Shipping Containers, Flexi Bags, Bulk ISO's and more.

We also partner with other service providers for regional, interstate and international transport.

Our intermodal trucks have 24-hour access to our facilities, meaning scheduling of wharf pickups and returns are more efficient and less likely to incur detention charges.

We have specialised quad axle trailers for heavy freight containers and ISO's up to 50 tonnes.


We provide on-site pump out of liquids in flexible bags and ISO tanks.

Also, the delivery and pickup of full containers with side loaders if need be.

At KSI we pride ourselves on paying attention to the details.

You can be sure that all transport regulations are met.

Especially with the transport and handling of dangerous goods.

Know that you can call us anytime and speak to a customer service manager on the ground, in our warehouse. No automated systems, no overseas call centres.

Speak to us directly!